Steve Ellis serves as Secretary of the National HoneyBee Advisory Board and is a large scale bee-farmer
He placed 1,312 of his hives Minnesota in his normal bee-yard territory. A nearby farm planted corn a few days later and the dust - presumably clothianidin (used on 90%+ of American corn as seed treatment) blew around and contaminated willows and other plants the bees were foraging on. The kill started on May 7th and Steve is still waiting results of tests. He is certain it was the neonics in the corn planted dust.

I asked him how many of the 1,312 hives were affected and he said 'all of them'.

Doesn't yet know ho many of the contaminated hives will collapse completely but he says it is already a 'massive depopulation' event. He wrote:

"1,312 hives were on that location, all were affected. Impossible to estimate % of population of each hive killed as yet. Suffice to say it was a severe depopulation event."

From: Steve Ellis
Date: 15 May 2013 22:57:29 GMT+01:00

Dear All,

Below is a video link to a short You Tube piece which my newly hired bee keeper in training-photographer spliced together, showing the bee injury associated with corn planting of neo nics.

The Minnesota Dept of Agriculture, Bayer, Bee Informed Partnership, and Penn State are all currently working on getting samples analyzed for chemical residues.

Picture is worth a thousand words. James did a nice job of filming and editing. Voice is mine.

Steve Ellis

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