The short story: Need one, preferably two, queens ASAP. I'm in Naugatuck, but willing to drive basically anywhere in the state, or over the border into NY or MA.

The long story: Two hives had queens in March, had no queens in April. Gave them both a frame of eggs from a hive started from a split last July. On the 4th, there were 9 capped queens cells in one hive, and 4 in the other. On the 11th, the remaining queen cells in one looked like they were ripped open from the side, there were no remnants in the other hive. As of today, there are still no eggs, and I cannot find a queen in either hive. Meanwhile, the split died and/or absconded, leaving me with two queen-less hives and no way to raise more queens.

I've been looking around online to order a queen, but I'm worried about the delay. Since neither hive has had a real population boost in over a month, I kind of feel like, at this point, it's a race against time to get a queen in and get her laying, and loosing another week waiting for one to be shipped makes me uncomfortable.

Can anyone help me out?