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    Default approximate price per hive for pollenation? Almonds maybe?

    Hello all, I am recently back into beekeeping. Started again with one package this spring. My wife and I were talking today and she asked what a farmer pays per hive for pollenation. I am not asking for anyone's confidential business information, just curious how much a farmer would pay and how long the hives would be there. I am sure it varies by crop, so lets maybe say almonds for an example, or anything else someone would like to share.

    Thanks for any answers.


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    Default Re: approximate price per hive for pollenation? Almonds maybe?

    It varies greatly between crops and regions. I ship hives to California in February and get them back in late March. Almond pollination will usually pay over a hundred dollars per hive. In April I place my hives in local orchards for about three weeks. My local orchard growers only pay 15 to 25 dollars per hive. I have seen other posts stating pollination prices ranging between 30 and 60 dollars per hive. You'll need to talk to beekeepers and orchard growers in your area.


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