Last night I did the 1st inspection of a strong over wintered hive(2 deep hive bodies). Lots of sealed drone cells, which I scraped all off of the bottom bars. It seemed to me that the population of bees is quite large. I saw a few Queen cups, but did not happen to notice any Queen cells in my quick inspection. They are bringing in pollen and have been storing sugar syrup, but it seems that they may have started to slow down over the past week. The dandelions have been blooming for the past week and there are many blossoms of other flowers around as well. I think that now would be a good time to place my 1st honey super on, with the large colony and with much in bloom happening. I am planning on placing the 1st honey super on today and removing my feeder bucket.

My question is in a few parts. With this as my current scenario, would YOU recommend placing the 1st honey super on at this time? Also, if I did place the super on at this time, are there any negatives/downfalls that might come with if it WAS too early to put it on? What could I look for to tell whether or not to leave it on or take it back off over the course of a few days?Thanks, juzzer