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    Default Redwood for bee boxes

    Has anyone had any problems with redwood for bee boxes? I made a bunch and put new all plastic frames in them, but they are not doing anything! They are staying on one frame and the queen is not laying at all. I think it might be just the all plastic frames, but didn't know if it might also be the wood. I got the wood from HomeDepot, they were designed for fence use and were the cheapest I could get, so I don't think they were treated.

    I'm thinking of cutting down the boxes and using them as spacers to convert medium boxes into deeps, but if the wood is the problem, then I will just get rid of those boxes all together. Anyone else have any problem with redwood?
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    Default Re: Redwood for bee boxes

    I have used redwood for most of my problem...but it was old redwood from a deck...


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