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    Default when do hive bettles show up?

    Package install.

    Do the beetles show up when honey is around meaning a hive won't have beetles till then or do bettles show up once bees are installed? Just curious if beetle find hives with honey or just bees is fine knowing honey is soon to come?

    Should traps bet in place from the get go?

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    Default Re: when do hive bettles show up?

    Our state apiarist said a SHB can smell a hive from 10 miles away. I have had SHB arrive in a captured swarm. You just never know when they'll show up. I don't know if they're worse in the summer/fall than they are in the spring, but it may be a regional thing, too. Just keep your eyes open be prepared.
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    Default Re: when do hive bettles show up?

    I noticed some a few days after installing my 2 packages this year. It wouldn't surprise me if they showed up the same day I installed.

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    Default Re: when do hive bettles show up?

    if you are on drawn comb with any remnants of brood or honey, they may be there already--if only foundation and clean boxes, no. They may come with the package. They are said to fly with swarms.
    ABJ said they may fly eight miles -- not that they can smell a hive that far, but as they fly they may encounter and home in on the hive smell -- or ripe melons, etc. in season. They are also fond of Pollen patties, so if you are feeding use only a little of the patty -- the amount that can be eaten in a few days -- I think that could be 1/6 or less if there is plenty of pollen available. I remove mine after a week and refreeze if I think it might haveSHB eggs.
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