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    Default The right time to split a hive?

    I've watched videos but am still lost as so many videos state, "Thinking about swarming, might be too late, and so on".

    Can someone fine tune when the perfect time to split a hive is. What I am looking for exactly, when it might be too early or too late. Or if anybody has a link to a video where someone is in good detail about it. (SO many videos as I said, "I should of split this a week ago or...".)

    I just need someone to fine tune all this for me please.
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    Default Re: The right time to split a hive?

    I like to make my splits early in the year, enough time before the flow in order to build up the work force. Timing is crucial in order for the splits to build up and take advantage of the resources available or you will have to feed , feed , feed. When they become over crowded is when they will make preparation to swarm, just because you find a queen cell on the bottom of a frame isn't reason for alarm, they make em and tear them down all the time. But if your hive is becoming crowded and you add another box sometime that resolves the space issue. Spring is best for me, and this is the time it seems the bee wants to do a split themselves. Most second year hives will swarm if precaution are not adhered too. Late Summer to early Fall is also an acceptable time to make a split, as long as you allow them time to build resources for the winter, or again you will have to feed, feed, feed. Also if you make a split during the flow, they can usually recover and build well, just remember, 21 days for new bees to emerge, and 16 for a new queen, plus time for her to mate , then lay and bees to emerge, that accounts for about 45 days.


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