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    Default How to Keep a Queen Alive

    Help!! I ordered a new queen to replace my very poor laying new packaged queen I installed the first week of April. She arrived this morning with 3 dead attendants. I put a few drops of water on the screen as soon as I got them home. The remaining 2 attendants went right to the water, & they and the new queen seemed fine. I took the old queen out of the hive and put her in a jar with holes punched in the top & sugar water syrup drops in the jar. This afternoon when I went to install the new queen, she is fairly listless and her remaining 2 attendants appear dead. I went ahead & put the new queen in her cage in the hive. I'm wondering how long I can keep the old queen alive in a jar until I make sure the new queen lives!!! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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    Default Re: How to Keep a Queen Alive

    I had a queen in the cage she came in for about a week now. I would put a drop of honey on the screen and then a drop of water. The queen is still alive.

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    Default Re: How to Keep a Queen Alive

    If the attendants are dead, she needs new attendants. Those can be in the cage with or or have access to the cage. You can put some workers in some sort of box with the cage, and some candy and water for the workers. Or you can put new workers in the cage. You'd have to get the old ones out and new ones in, though...
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