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    Default Relocating Cross Country

    I am accepting a position with a company that require me to relocate from DC to Seattle this August. Is it even feasible to move a few (three) hives that sort of distance or should I expect to simply find a new home for them locally? If it is feasible, how do you even go about it?

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    Default Re: Relocating Cross Country

    I am sure there are honey bees in Seattle. Many beekeepers there when you
    do a search on the net. August is almost close to the Fall so
    it is better to find some local bees there. If you really like your queens then you
    can set up a hive or 2 in Seattle and bring your queens along to requeen the new hives
    there. Someone here mentioned to bring a few queens on the plane inside a mesh
    wire screen cage. If I can get a frame of bees and a new queen in late winter of last year then you
    can definitely do this one. You can either sell off, donate, or have someone to take care
    of your existing bees. I would like to donate in case I want some queens from my favorite hives
    to be ship to Seattle the next year. What a great way to make a hive split and genetic not lost.

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    Default Re: Relocating Cross Country

    Commercial beeks haul thousands of hives to the almonds in California every year, so there is no reason you cannot haul 3 hives to Washington if you really want to. If it was me, I'd probably go to the Commercial Forum and ask for some tips and things to look out for.


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    Default Re: Relocating Cross Country

    While it is totally possible to move the hives I just can't see the justification of moving 3 of them. If you give the bees away you can bring your equipment and install packages in the spring.
    Commercial beeks haul thousands of hives successfully because that is their focus. The bees are their bread and butter. Hauling 3 hives as a sideline to all of your other belongings sounds like a real pain in the butt.

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    Default Re: Relocating Cross Country

    Thanks all. I figured it would be a real pain in the butt for little reward ... but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something simple. I think we'll find someone local that will take the bees and we'll just ship the (empty) hives and start again in the spring.

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    Default Re: Relocating Cross Country

    Sell the whole hives local, take the $$ and use it to rebuild in Seattle. Boxes and frames are pretty cheap from Western Bee Supply in Polson, MT. If you drive I-90 to Seattle through Montana, Western is less than an hour off the interstate, no turns. Heck, I'd drive through MT one the way even if it was out of the way...


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