I added a super with wax-coated plasticell frames almost two weeks ago along with Dadant's metal queen excluder. The hive is reeeally full of bees and brood so I thought they'd jump at the chance to expand their honey stores. Unfortunately, only a few bees are ever up in the super at a time, and they only seem to go up there to add propolis to the creases. I have decided to take the queen excluder off but I am disabled and can't easily do hive maintenance by myself. My husband, who is my only helper, broke his foot so he can't help me lift the hive bodies until he is healed up. Until he can help me I decided to rig a top entrance using an inner cover with an entrance notched out of it and smeared it with a little honey. I covered the oval-shaped opening in the cover with mesh to prevent robbing. So far the bees have not taken my honey bait. I know plasticell is not ideal because it takes the bees a long time to accept it and draw it out but that's what I ended up with so I want to do what I can to make it useful for them.

So, my question is, what can I do to attract the bees to the super aside from what I have already done? Is spraying with sugar water advisable at this point?