Okay, I see they are different opinions on if you should use one or two. I am going with two. My question is this. What about 2 brood boxes and a super, for the bees? I have done this with one of my hives but, I have a reason. When I bought the hive it had one brood box and one super. It swarmed the 1st two years I had it (I'm going into year 3 with this one). The first year it swarmed we had a bad summer and they never did fill up the super I put on to collect, the second year wasn't as bad and I got 3 supers (two in the summer and one in the fall). This year I added another brood body so it's now 2 brood bodies and a super. They are really strong and this spring has been unusually cool and wet so far.

Thoughts input etc?