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Thread: Brood boxes.

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    Default Brood boxes.

    Okay, I see they are different opinions on if you should use one or two. I am going with two. My question is this. What about 2 brood boxes and a super, for the bees? I have done this with one of my hives but, I have a reason. When I bought the hive it had one brood box and one super. It swarmed the 1st two years I had it (I'm going into year 3 with this one). The first year it swarmed we had a bad summer and they never did fill up the super I put on to collect, the second year wasn't as bad and I got 3 supers (two in the summer and one in the fall). This year I added another brood body so it's now 2 brood bodies and a super. They are really strong and this spring has been unusually cool and wet so far.

    Thoughts input etc?

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    what size 0f brood box is a local question. the longer the winter the bigger it has to be. it also depends on the type of bee. all of our bees are more or less mixed breed ,some like the italian type have large colonies that need more space. your best answer will be from local keepers that keep their bees local all year and have similar bees.


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