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    Default Mason Bee condo experiment

    Hello, everyone. I am experimenting with some designs using a variety of material to attract and get the local Masons to stick orchard. I have also started a new hive of honeybees from a package, and expect a second package and second new hive in orchard this week. I had some Mason bees lay eggs in a store bought wood block nest, but the birds tore that up through the winter with the woodpeckers I suspect really giving it a going over- so the new 'free' designs. I like to use free local materials, so I used some plastic packaging straws cut to 6 inches from work, some 5/16 paper tubing taken off of hangers from local dry cleaners, and also over wintered dried stem sections of wild sumac which is everywhere. I cut and bound tubes together and then used paraffin, melted and poured into coffee cans to cap the ends and added a protective hood screwed on and hardware cloth to deter birds. They aren't pretty but I hope it works.

    I read that Mason bees pollinate apple and pear trees many times more than honeybees, so I am pulling out all stops to get some fruit going this year. Has anyone had success with any of the materials I have used?

    comments and feedback and Mason_Condo (1).jpgMason_Condo (2).jpgMason_Condo (3).jpgMason_Condo (4).jpgMason_Condo (5).jpgadvice always valued. Here are some pix...
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