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    Default Mason Bee condo experiment

    Hello, everyone. I am experimenting with some designs using a variety of material to attract and get the local Masons to stick orchard. I have also started a new hive of honeybees from a package, and expect a second package and second new hive in orchard this week. I had some Mason bees lay eggs in a store bought wood block nest, but the birds tore that up through the winter with the woodpeckers I suspect really giving it a going over- so the new 'free' designs. I like to use free local materials, so I used some plastic packaging straws cut to 6 inches from work, some 5/16 paper tubing taken off of hangers from local dry cleaners, and also over wintered dried stem sections of wild sumac which is everywhere. I cut and bound tubes together and then used paraffin, melted and poured into coffee cans to cap the ends and added a protective hood screwed on and hardware cloth to deter birds. They aren't pretty but I hope it works.

    I read that Mason bees pollinate apple and pear trees many times more than honeybees, so I am pulling out all stops to get some fruit going this year. Has anyone had success with any of the materials I have used?

    comments and feedback and Mason_Condo (1).jpgMason_Condo (2).jpgMason_Condo (3).jpgMason_Condo (4).jpgMason_Condo (5).jpgadvice always valued. Here are some pix...
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    Default Re: Mason Bee condo experiment

    I just made some homes for Mason Bees. Not sure if I'll have any luck but I got bamboo sticks online and put them in some empty coffee containers from Trader Joe's. I hot glued the bamboo sticks together and then also glued them into the coffee containers. I haven't hung them up yet. That will be my next step. I was thinking that I could put the plastic lids over the coffee containers and just put a few holes and this would provide protection from the elements.

    How does this sound to you?

    Also, is there anything I can use to attract them? I know LGO works for honey bees but I wasn't sure about attracting mason bees.

    Your designs look great. I'll be anxious to hear how you fare with them. This is the first time I've tried to attract mason bees so it will be a learning curve for me.

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    Default Re: Mason Bee condo experiment

    They seem to be attracted to my hives this year. But the girls won't put up with them. I watched them bring down a couple the other day.

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