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    Default Hello from southern Maine!

    Hi folks, myself and a friend have gone in together on a pair of hives to keep in my backyard here in South Berwick, ME. They just came this past Sunday morning, and seem to be getting off to a decent start; we are really excited at keeping hives!

    We put mason jar feeders over the inner covers (with a deep box to keep the jars out of the sun), and I have noticed that since Sunday, the bees in one hive have taken almost half the syrup, and the other hive has taken almost none. Interesting, or not interesting? I don't know yet. The fellow who made up the hives (They are splits of Maine bees with queens from Florida, 5 drawn frames and 5 empty frames (foundation only)

    We figure (and were told) not to go into the hive for a couple of weeks to let the bees get established, so all I can do right now is watch the landing board (I am gone during the day, but in the late afternoon I still see activity and bees coming in with pollen, so these are good signs), and all I can do is monitor the feeders, I guess.

    We were sold a couple of bucket feeders, about 3 quart or a gallon size, WHAT JUNK! I filled one and flipped it over the sink to see how much it would dribble before it pulled a vacuum, and WOW, at least a pint came rushing out before the feeder stopped. I sure am glad I didn't do that over the hive, or I think I'd have made bee soup.

    Anyways, nice to be here, lots of good information, and lots for us to learn!

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    Default Re: Hello from southern Maine!


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    Default Re: Hello from southern Maine!

    Welcome HJ!


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