We had a feral hive a few years back by an outbuilding on our property. Don't know what happened to them, but haven't seen them for at least a year. Seeing as there had been bees there, I figured it was a pretty good place to set up a swarm trap, so, I baited (with an old drawn out frame and some lemongrass oil) a 5 frame nuc and attached it to the wall near the old hive entrance. I checked it today--and there's bees going in and out!!

It doesn't seem like a flood of bees, but it's consistent--a bee enters or leaves every 10 seconds or so. So, my questions are: how long should I leave the nuc there to make sure I get the whole colony and the queen? I blocked off the bottom entrance and drilled a 1" hole for the sole entrance/exit, so when I move the nuc I should just cork the hole to keep them inside? I want to install them into a KTBH I just built, any advice on how to make the transition from the 5 frame nuc to a 48" KTBH?