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Thread: Swarm question.

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    My buddy had caught a swarm from his hive last week. He only has one hive left at his house (out of 5 going into last winter). He caught the swarm, made sure the queen was in the brood box, and the rest of the bees followed her in. He checked today (it was 8 days after he caught them). And, he not only found eggs but, larvae as well. Is this a bit odd? Plus this same hive may have swarmed 2 weeks ago (he was out of town, his wife saw a "bunch of bees" in the road but, by the time I got there they were all gone). His hive (the one we think the swarm came out of) also has eggs and larvae in it.

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    i dont think it is odd for a swarm to have eggs and larva 8 days after hiving,if it was the primary swarm and they left with the old queen-swarms are comb building machines. eggs hatch into larva at 3 days. if the original hive also has eggs than i think the swarm came from another hive. the swarm would have left them with a swarm cell. the orignal hive wouldn,t have eggs for 2-3 weeks after swarming.
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    That sounds like a swarm I got last Thursday evening. I had to put another deep brood box on the hive this morning. I should have put it on yesterday but I didn't have one ready. I put 2 frames of drawn comb in the deep hive body to start with and they filled the rest of the box from Friday morning until yesterday.


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