Hi there! Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I live in central Virginia on a small farm and I got my first bee hives 3 weeks ago! The first one is from a package of bees, the second from a 4 frame nuc (per my beekeeping class instructors' recommendation). I don't have prior beekeeping experience and am taking my family on a learning journey along with me So far we've been enjoying observing the bees as they go about their daily activities, and learned that pollen comes in a variety of different colors! Very novice of me, I know

We took a look at the hives yesterday to see how they are progressing and they are about 50% full (in deep boxes). There was one thing that struck me as being odd, the hive from the nuc has made a queen cell I'm just wondering, is that normal? Has the other queen died and they're making a new one?

I'm looking forward to being part of this great group!

Anna S.
Unionville, VA