Hello, all

I just my new package 4.9mm bees in today from Wolf Creek apairies.

This is my 2 or 3rd year at beekeeping, and i thought about trying a top entrance i've made (images attached).
It's seems like a good idea to have a top entrance to reduce brood congestion during honey flow and to keep it cooler in summer since heat rises.

Can any experts see any potential problems with this design?

This is 3/8''s think and the plan is to have this on top of the brood chambers, and the supers will be on top of this, so it's kind of a top/middle entrance depends on if supers are on.

If I decide to use a queen excluder this would be on top, so it would not allow the queen through, but since the entrance would be on top to the excluder the bees wouldn't have to go through the excluder to the honey supers.
But after thinking about it I would still need to let the drones in and out of the brood some way.

Thanks in advance.

side view.jpgtop entrance on brood.jpgTop-side.jpg