Hi all! My name is Ed and this is my second year as a bee keeper. Last year was a disaster...installed a package last May and it was gone 3 days later. I found a nuc a month later, but by fall it was gone as well.
This year we have two hives. Installed two pkgs of Italians on 5/4/13 and they seem to have taken root.
Due to a nasty little cold snap the last few days(hard freeze last night), I haven't opened up the hive to make sure the queen is out of her cage in either hive, but I plan to by Wednesday.
I'm trying to do this organically as I possibly can. My wife likes making candles and soap. I coach my kids soccer teams, build models ( RC boats, mostly) and do custom wood working and enjoy astronomy.
I'm looking forward to learning lots from you folks so don't hesitate to say Hi