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    Question Mold on the false back

    I have a new TBH that this last Saturday I discovered mold on teh false back. Facing the beeside of the hive.

    I had to cut a bunch of crossed comb a week ago, so I'm not sure if this a result of that or what. I also have a Boardman feeder located inside the hive. (the entrance is thru the false back...but i have a twin setup in my other hive and no mold there.)

    I only have 2 out of 4 one inch entrance holes open right now. It's still been getting down to 40's overnight, and last night we had frost warnings.

    Any thoughts on this? Ventilation issue? Will the bees correct the moisture issues and clean the mold or do I need to do something more?

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    Default Re: Mold on the false back

    Mold is a result of excess humidity in the hive. The feeder inside contributes to that humidity, of course.

    The cure for too much humidity is improved air circulation. My suggestion is a top entrance:

    If you don't want a top entrance, vent holes are another option. I built my TBH hives similar to Mr Bush's, with a top entrance, no other holes, and fed with boardman style feeders behind a divider without any mold issues.
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