this is a total newb question -- i received and installed my first nuc last weekend from an established local apiary. They use only top-bar frames, my hive is a 8-frame langstroth 1 deep, 2 medium supers. my mentor from the apiary advised that the top bar frames and langstroth frames are interchangeable in terms of size which i get, but after having the nuc in place for a week I'm starting to wonder how this will work...

When I installed the nuc in the bottom deep, i put in seven top-bar frames (w/drawn comb, honey, brood), and one foundationless langstroth frame (empty). It all made sense at the time, but then I started to think...The top-bar frames essentially create their own inner cover due to their width. With seven edge-to-edge top-bars (creating a tight inner cover) the only place bees have to move up to the medium supers is along side the one langstroth frame.

Maybe I'm over-thinking this, but am now wondering if I should have included more langstroths in the bottom deep, to increase the likelihood of and space for upward movement of the colony?

What if they start to propolize this space, making it impossible for the bees to move upward? Have I trapped them to the living space of the bottom deep? Will they swarm?

Was putting so many top-bars in the langstroth bottom deep wrong? If so, what should I do to remediate???

Apologies if this isn't the right spot in the forum to post this question...Again, i'm one week in, any help appreciated. Thanks!