Hello all, I'm a newbie and I have a bit of a dilemma.

I've been taking classes and couple of weeks ago I purchased one nuc (installed in a new deep with 10 foundation frames) and one hive that was one deep and one super from my beemaster/instructor. He told me to added a deep with 10 frames of foundation after 10 days. I think I can deal with the nuc it only has four of the frames replaced with his gear and I did not add a deep because only a couple of the new foundation frames were drawn.

The full one and a half hive is a different story. The short super has a couple of frames with tabs broken off and some other frames that little pieces of tin have been screwed on to replace broken tabs. So when I added the deep, between the lower deep and shallow super, I also screwed little tabs so the frames would set right (well kind of). I did not get into the lower deep other than to scrape burr comb from the tops. The outside of the lower is not the best shape and has pieces of tin stapled over a couple of holes. The bottom board is warped enough that the center of the entrance touches bottom of the lower deep.

I hope this gives enough information to advise me on how best to swap out new gear. I've already made a new screen bottom board and I have three extra deep boxes and frames with foundation for two of them. I don't want to mess with the hives to frequently only for fear of screwing them up. At the minimum I would like to replace the bottom board and the outside of the deep box.

The best way to slowly replace all the old frames would be my next goal. Maybe I'm just too meticulous and if so let me know!