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    Default Our girls working this year!

    Here are some pictures of our girls working this year. Also our new queen in the nuc we installed yesterday! Love my bees!!!P1140624.jpgP1140681.jpgP1140195a.jpgP1170867.jpgP1170691.jpg

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    Default Re: Our girls working this year!

    Fun pictures! Its great when you see them working in and around your yard. I'm still getting just a few early season flowers in my yard. My nieghbor has a lot more so they are hitting his place in large numbers. He has one plant that he says just "buzzes like crazy!" it produces a red/brown pollen that I see in many cells in my hive. In a few days my apples trees will start to bloom and they too will be buzzin like crazy.
    Chas Gordon


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