I made a split that left a strong survivor queen in the parent hive in my bee yard and used an extra Georgia package queen for the split in the out yard. I had planned to requeen the Georgia queen later this summer with a local treatment free queen, but the girls in the split jumped the gun. I had left the split queenless for a day to encourage acceptance of the Georgia queen and in that time they started 3 queens up on the edges of the top bar comb, exactly as they would a supersedure cell. Based on the size of the pupa, the queens in those cups are too old to be from the Georgia queen and must be from the parent hive. The genetics in those queen cups are exactly what I want however there are not really any drones to speak of in the area. Looking at the other hives in my out yard there are a good number of drones in the works but as I understand it from egg it takes just under 40 days for them to be ready to mate- so they will be fully cooked about 2 weeks too late. The virgins will not wait right? They fly- if they only find 2 drones they only find 2 drones? Seems a shame but should I go ahead and pinch off those queens and requeen later as originally planned when more drones are available?