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    Default Virgin Queen delays.

    Hey all,

    With the cooler season and long consistent rain showers I have wondered if anyone else has experienced a significant delay for your virgin queens to take their mating flights. I have noticed 7 to 10 days longer than normal.

    Appreciate any insight.

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    Default Re: Virgin Queen delays.

    I know that I have a lot more queen issues this year than ever before. I went through hives yesterday and today. Some had swarmed, and without exception those that had are now either laying workers or drone layer queens. Also noticed that there were some queen cells that had worker brood in them, even in the swarm cells. Strange spring indeed.

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    Default Re: Virgin Queen delays.

    I got 6 cells mid-March. All queens emerged but only 2 ever got mated and started laying. So, yes I have noticed a delay. I have never had this trouble until this year.


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    Default Re: Virgin Queen delays.

    I have noticed that with the cooler weather the virgin queen don't want to get out of the hive.
    One week already passed her mating flight but still not see any new egg yet. Hopefully they
    don't have any LW later on. The qcs also are smaller compare to before when the weather was
    a lot warmer in the mid 80s consistently. I don't know how it will affect the qcs development process later on.
    Still hopeful for some good queens though.


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