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    Default fresh eggs, a handful of bees and a queen

    I found a queen in a hive I was taking apart. There was only a handful of bees and a queen. What is even more amazing is that before I found the queen I saw a frame with eggs. I thought the eggs must be from last fall, but the eggs looked fresh. The hive next to this found queen is queenless. I put the found queen by the entrance of the queenless hive and she flew up. I caught the queen again and released her through the inner cover. I did not have a queen cage with me. I hope the queenless hive accepts her. I gave the queenless hive a frame of brood/eggs a few days ago. To complicate matters the hive with a handful of bees also had small hive beetles. I took apart the hive and made two piles, the frames I would keep and the frames I would discard. Frames with shb are nasty and we do not have this problem to a great degree up north. In a couple of weeks I will put the hive back together again and install a package. I almost wish I could rent freezer space for the frames with shb. The hive was two deeps. What do you do with the nasty shb frames? Some of the honey frames I can save and give back to the bees when I install a package. One of the big problem is freezer room.
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