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    Default Uncapping for extraction?

    My question is, is this method adding too much heat to the honey??

    And if it is, wouldnt using an electric heated knife be doing the same thing, heating the honey too much??

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    Default Re: Uncapping for extraction?

    I use a heat gun on new comb (which is only where it works well).....on old comb, just a scratcher as I'm pretty fast at removing the cappings with it........ Your source for the ProVap 110
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    Default Re: Uncapping for extraction?

    To some degree you need to understand how heat works. Heat is an energy just like hitting something with a hammer is an energy being used. Most people are far more familiar with how the cause and effect of a hammer over the cause and effect of heat.

    If you hit something with a hammer some of that energy gets transferred to whatever the object is laying on. Say you are driving nails into supers on your kitchen table. their is danger of damaging the table. but put even a thin cushion between the super and the table and you protect it. it is becasue the cushion absorbs the excess energy rather than transferring it to the table. Actually the energy is dissipated by the cushion.

    With heat this application of energy (Heat) is actually far more direct. the energy does not pass through the target nearly as well. In this case wax cappings. the majority of the heat will stay in the wax until it is melted. Even melted wax will absorb the majority of the heat until it vaporizes. at which point it is a combustible gas and will burn.

    The overall effect is that although the wax is getting hot enough to melt. it takes a very small amount of energy to do so. this is far from enough energy to heat the honey stored in the cell. The honey may get warmer, certainly on the surface. but that heat will be getting passed on to the mass of honey in the cell and prevent it from reaching to high of a temperature. An extreme example of this is place a block of ice on your hand then place a pot of boiling water on the ice. you will never feel the heat until the ice melts. wax is acting like that block of ice to some degree and will until it melts. Once cappings are melted you move the heat to the next uncapped cells. You don't stand there and continue to heat the honey.
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