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    Default Open hive floor or too much light?

    I bought a ktbh to make my hive count 2! (My other is a warre) I'm unsure of whether I should open the hive floor all the way or not. I'm worried with it open (the board off) it'll be too much light for them? Right now, I have the screws loosened all the way and guess there's probably some air getting in, but obviously not as much as if I had the whole floor off. They've been hived for about two weeks now and are building comb like champs. When I looked in on Friday they had 4 bars pretty much full, so I think they're pretty happy....but it's early in the year and I suppose it's going to get hotter. What's the consensus on this, generally?
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    Default Re: Open hive floor or too much light?

    I have two and had both floors open all summer (closed them Saturday) with no detriment that I could see...... And it was handy being able to just run my iPhone underneath and do video inspections once a week instead of opening up the thing every time I wanted a peek.... ;-)


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