I had originally planned on using a swarm box starter queenright finisher for raising some queens for myself this year but that was assuming I would have seven big hives to work with--however things as they are I have 3 good hives, one a queenless mess and thats it.

So I would like to make some queens and since I only have 3 good hives I do not want to screw around to much with them and lose all of my honey production (where I am the flow is just getting moving now)

I was thinking instead as some have proposed to take one of my good hives put a queen excluder between them and then put all the capped brood w queen in bottom box and young larvae/grafts on top and put supers on top of that as spelled out on Dave cushmans site: http://www.dave-cushman.net/bee/benhardenmethod.html

Anyone try something like this--I am looking to raise about 10-15 queen cells so that If I get 7 good mated queens I would be happy