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    Default Recently captured swarm dropping a lot of wax flakes

    A swarm I captured is sick or weak and I need help identifying the problem. Here are the symptoms:

    1. They're building comb but are dropping a lot of wax flakes. I'd estimate it's at least a handful or two.

    2. I have bees crawling around on the ground outside the hive, flapping their wings as fast as they can but they aren't going anywhere. I've also observed K-wing on a lot of the crawlers.

    3. I have observed indications of dysentery. I've even witnessed a bee defecating watery brown feces on a top bar, but it's not all over the hive like in example pictures I've seen online.

    4. They're clustering in one of the upper back corners of the hive, not in the center.

    I'm currently feeding them, and they were being robbed, but I've rectified that with a robber screen I whipped up. Any clues or help with this is much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Recently captured swarm dropping a lot of wax flakes

    Tracheal mites, maybe


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