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    Default Checked for Queen release very happy

    I checked my 3 hives last night for queen release 3 for 3 empty cages. There was burr comb on the inner cover 3 very small rows about 2 to 4 inches long did not clean off do to amount of bees in and around frames and the burr comb just did not want to disturb a newly released queen/bees so closed hive up. Now should i go back in a clean burr comb up? or leave them alone and do a good cleaning in 7 to 10 days? Will take any what not to do or what to do thanks for reading and helping a new bee.

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    I would leave the hive alone for 7 to 10 day. Give the queen time to settle in to her new hive and start laying eggs.

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    Why, "clean up" the burr comb? To harvest the beeswax? The bees will just replace it in short order.
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