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    Default Length of Comb Guides

    Newbee here building my first KTBH. I'm basically going off of Phillip Chandler's plans. I have 17"x 1 3/8 bars and I plan on using inverted corner molding as my comb guides. In Phillip's plans, he calls for 12" comb guides on 17" bars. In looking at other plans, the length of the comb guides in ration to the length of the bars seems to be all over the map.....

    Any advice for a newbie on the "correct" length of the comb guides? I'm assuming that if they are too long you will increase the liklihood of comb attachment to the sides, what are the downsides to too short comb guides?

    Much thanks!


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    Default Re: Length of Comb Guides

    Mine are a triangular piece of wood cut from a 3/4" board, a la Michael Bush. They extend across the bar til just before the sides of the hive.

    Question: What's the best comb guide?
    Answer: Except for the wax filled groove, there's nothing wrong with any kind of commonly used guide from a strip of foundation waxed in a groove to a triangular guide, but there are advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion the one with the most advantages and least disadvantages is the triangular wooden guide. The bees follow it the most reliably and attach it the most solidly. I like a wax starter strip the least as it's fragile and hot weather can cause them to fall off. I think the least reliable would be dribbling a bead across a plain bar. This is at best a slight suggestion and as a guide it is often a complete failure.
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    Default Re: Length of Comb Guides

    Mine are one piece wood, 19" long with a 20 degree triangle bevel cut into the bottom which extends to about a 16th" before the side of the hive body. Much like Raders, but just one piece since I have the ability and equipment to safely mill them as such.

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    Default Re: Length of Comb Guides

    Then have enough tendency to curve the ends of the combs as it is. I always run them all the way to the end. The molding works fine.

    Sometimes you see some with a bead of wax for a guide. I would never rely on a bead of wax as a comb guide.
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