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    Big Grin First Population Explosion!

    Ah the joys of having a window! When I first hived my bees I noticed how crowded the first 5 or 6 combs always were for the first weeks and since then the bees have gotten more spread out except for the festooning crowd on the newest comb. They got up to 10+ combs and were looking rather thin in there so I could see all the combs easily. A couple of days ago I'd noted "brood hatch" on my calendar from the time I inspected (I'd counted the days for the capped brood I saw and wrote it down). I'd been gardening heavily and hadn't "bothered" my bees at all for awhile (just stopped to look every day from 10 feet or so in passing),so I finally looked inside the window again. Wow! No orientation flights to thrill me yet, but all ten combs were chock full of bees,like my first week,but in over twice the space! Now That's a happy population explosion! I get to look forward to the crowd out front soon! Can't wait to get a picture of my new mob checking out their world!

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    Default Re: First Population Explosion!

    Wonderful! I've been watching our first hives also - haven't yet seen a huge population addition through our observation windows...but I swear there are more bees in there now than I put in four weeks ago! Been wondering if my eyes are tricking me or what!
    Congrads on the new- bees!


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