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If you actually read Beekeeping For All (find the Heaf translation), you'll find out why you cannot omit the quilt or simply (attempt to) run Langstroth boxes as Warré hives.

And if you ever hope to trade in Warré hive equipment you'd better stick to the metric dimensions.

Half an inch gap between top bars is too wide; better study up.
I have read that, but a 1" topbar width leaves a 3/8 remainder for bee-space. Thats,1&3/8ths. Do the math! No matter what was written, I have used the dimesions converted to inches, for years. Also, the standard inner feeder cover ,as commonly used in Lang. Hives is convenient, costs less time, and allows me to feed easily, with a spare box, and a wide mouth mason jar. I dont like the quilt, although I do understand the theory and use of it. After 2 years of using quilts I abandoned them as an unneeded waste of time. Also winter kills in hives dropped, probably as a result. You need to take some chances, scoldy fanboy! P.S. its my hobby, not an obsession with Abbe~ Warre's work. You would like my hives, ifyou have an open mind. Thanks for the input.