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    Default Lab recommendations for DNA testing- California?

    I'm shopping around for a DNA testing lab that would be willing to perform a long term study on the hybridization of Africanized bee populations in Southern California. The potential study would collect samples from various feral bee colonies in numerous zip codes in the Los Angeles area to determine to what degree AHB's have hybridized their genetics with local populations since introduction in the mid 90's. The aim of the study is to assess the timeline for total integration of Africanized genetics into local populations to the point that Africanized traits are nullified.

    This study isn't funded at this point, I'm looking for willing and impartial labs to process material according a collection regimen.

    Your suggestions and advice are welcome.


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    Default Re: Lab recommendations for DNA testing- California?

    Tyson, it sounds like a good candidate for kickstarter or another crowdsourcing site. Good luck with that.

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    Default Re: Lab recommendations for DNA testing- California?

    Here's a maternal marker for your project:


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