I seem to have developed my first serious beekeeping problem.

This package appeared to be doing well for the first couple of weeks, and in fact, there were eggs just 4 days after the install.

A week ago all seemed well. Today there were capped queen cells on both sides of a couple frames. I doubt that they are thinking of swarming-- there really don't seem to be enough bees. Maybe I squashed the queen the last time I was in the hive. I didn't see anything but a fringe of capped brood on some of the comb.

I'd like to preserve the genetics of this hive, as these were small cells bees from Wolf Creek. I'm wondering if there's any way I can take a couple frames of bees from my boomer hive, and a frame with queen cells from the package hive, and put them in a nuc with a frame of honey, and double my chances of getting a queen successfully mated.

I'll be grateful for any advice.