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    Default Dead larvae pulled from the brood box with dead bees!

    I am a first full year BK and my strongest hive has been slowing down some the past week with the number of bees flying. They were strong 8 days ago upon inspection, but yesterday there was quiet a few dead bees on the pad, along with three white pupae (sp?) along with some wax cappings. When I changed out the reducer several strong and angry little girls came after me! That was a good sign I think. It is one deep with a super on top, and I also have sugar syrup on the front, but they are not eating it at all. They had been taking in a lot of bread inside until the rain started. Am concerned about the dead bees and the little white wormy looking bee bodies. It has been very rainy and cool the last 8 days - too cold to get into them and check. It does not look like! Thank you....

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    Default Re: Dead larvae pulled from the brood box with dead bees!

    Seems like your weather pattern has been pretty similar to ours - most likely it was chilly and they couldn't bring out their dead, and the damp cold took out some larvae. During one of the earlier cold snaps here, one of my hives ejected a couple of dozen of nearly developed drone brood. Just didn't want to put the energy into making them, apparently. Made the birds happy.

    I'd say to keep an eye on it, and if you continue to see the behavior over the next few days, worry that something's wrong. Otherwise, it's just housecleaning with the better weather.


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