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Thread: Making Nucs

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    Default Making Nucs

    I made some three frame splits and stuck in a queen cell. The queens are now laying. When can I put the three frames into a 5 frame nuc? How does one typiically move these splits out of a queen castle into a 5 frame box and move to another location of the yard. Was thinking of putting the frames into a box and putting this box by the old location, then moving at night.

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    If the splits seem populous I would do it soon. I take all the splits out of the castle and put them into their respective 5 frame nucs at the same time. Then I make sure as close as I can that the nucs' entrances are in the same orientation as the queen castles' entrances. It will probably look like a "+". Then I move them 2 feet at a time towards their final destination. This is tedious, but it minimizes loss of foragers. You can also use this as a time to balance them - if one is very strong move that one straight to its final destination and its foragers will boost the weaker ones. Congratulations, this is a lot of fun.


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