Maybe someone else has an explanation. But nobody I've talked to yet does.
I've got about 20 frames of honey (both wet & crystalized) from deadouts. Doesn't appear that it is fermented, but some could be. Taste tests prove that most of it is still delicious.
So I thought I'd scratch the caps and put it out in front of my hives to clean up. 6 hives, 2 separate locations.
So.......3 days later (all 65+ degrees, blue sky and light variable wind) and not a single bee can be found on any frame. I mean not a single bee.
I took one frame for each hive and put them leaning directly onto the hive landing board. Bees were all over it instantly.
Move it any distance and interest instantly drops. I've tried from 1' - 20 yards. Distance didn't seem to matter.
There is no strong flow currently in progress up here in central MN.
Any ideas????

Just when I thought I had a tiny idea of what I was doing, the girls prove me wrong again.