This is my first hive ever and I am feeling like a proud momma over here! 13 days after installing my bee package and I found that they had filled up nearly all of their medium, 8 frame super with beautiful comb. I also saw quite a bit of pollen and nectar, a small amount of larvae, the queen, some capped honey and even some teeny tiny eggs! I was shocked by how tiny the eggs were and so excited to have seen them. I am feeling pretty good about it.

I added the 2nd super today. I hope that was the right thing to do. I had read that it should be done when the bees had drawn out nearly all of the frames with comb and, as of today, they only had the outside of the end frames left to do.

Beekeeping is such a thrill and a fascinating learning experience! The advice from this forum is invaluable and I am grateful to have your experiences and wisdom as a resource. Can't wait for next week's check!!!