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    Default question about adding drawn comb and undrawn comb.

    i made some splits in a single 10 frame deep and added a new queen. i like to add another 10 frame deep but don't have a lot of drawn comb. in the new deep that i am going to add should i add a drawn frame in position 1 and 5-6 and 10 and the rest un drawn foundation in the rest of the positions?

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    Default Re: question about adding drawn comb and undrawn comb.

    It depends - if it is a honey super I would put it all to one side to minimize the problem area where drawn comb is facing foundation. Often they will just keep drawing it out without working the foundation on that side. If it is likely to be brood comb I would put the drawn comb in the middle with foundation on the outsides because they usually draw brood comb perfectly, and prefer to lay brood toward the center. But if the hive is strong and a flow is on and they need the space they will work it out wherever you put it.

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    Default Re: question about adding drawn comb and undrawn comb.

    Agreed. If you have a few drawn deep frames put them all directly above the center of the brood nest in the bottom box with foundation on either side. If there are enough brood frames in the lower box you could even move one of them up to the center of the drawn frames to encourage the bees to expand up into the new box.
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