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    Default Bee safe mosquito control??

    I live in a wooded area that can have a pretty heavy mosquito population some years. Just heard on the local news last night that this year should be a big mosquito season.

    I am thinking probably no but is there any kind of area treatment that can reduce mosquito populations without harming my bees?

    This is my first year with bees. In the past I have used products containing Pyrethrum (aka Pyrethrin). I attach the bottle to a hose and soak down the grass, bushes and trees in a large perimeter around the house. The same area that my bees will be installed next week.

    I don't think I'll be doing that this year. Any tips from anyone on a bee safe mosquito treatment?


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    Default Re: Bee safe mosquito control??

    Mosquitos hatch from standing water. They travel about 100yrds from where they hatch. If you can get rid of the standing water within 100yrds of your yard, thats the solution. No container is too small to raise mosquitos, flower pots, bird baths, kids toys, etc. If you can't do that, a product called Mosquito Dunks can be placed in the standing water to kill the larvae. It uses a natural bacteria that eats the larvae. If the watersource dries up the dunk stops dissolving, but starts working again the next time its submerged. Great for those ditches,or low lying areas that flood in spring, then dry up in the heat of the summer. Lowes sells them, you can google Mosquito dunks for online sources.

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    Default Re: Bee safe mosquito control??

    Bt can be purchased for mosquitoe control and it is harmless to bees. That's what the "Mosquito Dunks" that Blackwater talks about, are.
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