Thank heavens this list is an online mentor for us...for which we are very grateful

We hadn't checked the hives for about 10 days. Previous check we added a deep to each as the lower deep frames were about 80% in use.

Bees are very active...coming back bulging with pollen. They start early in the morning and don't stop till the sun goes down and things cool off.

One hive seems a bit stronger than the other....more bees in the top deep. Both hives are now taking only a bit of sugar syrup and the protein patties were pretty much as we had left them.

Both hives are now in the top deep, the stronger hive seems like it has just started to draw out comb. The weaker had not started with this though there were some bees on the frames. We took an outer frame from the lower box and put it 2 frames in on the top box on the weaker hive. We replaced the frame we moved with an empty frame. We did not do this on the other hive as those bees were building out comb.

Both hives had built some bits of comb that joined some of the bottoms of the top deep frames and the top of the bottom deep frames. These appeared to be filled with golden honey not brood.

We simply lifted the "glued" top frames, reversed them and replaced them.

The bees seemed content and organized.

Now that they have been with us 5 weeks and there seems to be plenty of natural food do we continue to check weekly or should we leave them for longer periods to simply get on with their business without disruption? Should we be pulling frames from the lower deep to continue to check brood patterns? We have not done this since checking that brood is there and is being capped.

Also every now and then there will be a dead bee on the entrance board. I take a look for adult varroa but haven't seen any. Would I see them if they were on the bees? Do they leave a bee when it dies so I wouldn't expect to see them on a dead bee.

Thanks for all the help.