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    I installed two new packages on the 30th of April and the weather was in the mid 70's with 50's as lows. Up until yesterday the weather had been in the 40-50 high with rain and wind low's in the 30's. I'm feeding the bees with a hive top feeder and looks like things are going good. Upon inspection of one hive yesterday I was not able to find and eggs and unable to located the queen. The queen locating problem is nothing new as I have not been ever able to find her when I had a hive last year that I lost over the winter. Trying to decide if I need to be getting concerned that I lost my queen or give it a couple of more days. When I installed one package the queen flew as it was a direct release as the bee's have been packaged for 5 days prior to pickup since customers had backed out on dealer. I have yet to examine that hive to see if she returned and plan on doing so tonight since weather is finally warm enough. Opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Since you had hives before I assume you have some drawn out comb? Take one of the drawn frames and swap it for a frame of eggs and larva from the hive you see eggs in. You won't set the other hive back much by using a drawn out frame the queen can easily fill back up the frame with eggs. If the other hive does not have a queen they will use the new larva to make a new queen. If they do have a queen the new frame of larva will just give them a boost.

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    It's a bit early to get real concerned since some queens just take longer to put it in drive and get going. You might give it a little more time and, as mentioned, add some young brood to keep things a little balanced. Queens are strange sometimes. Just when you decide it's time to take action you'll open a hive and there's eggs and larvae everywhere. Bees will be bees.
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