Here in Florida, I'm using long hives, and I really like them. But in a couple weeks, I'll be installing nucs into conventional Langstroth equipment in upstate NY, because I won't be able to attend to them as frequently as I'd like. With the long hives, I'm using top entrances and they are working very well. I wanted to do the same with the Lang boxes, but without modifying anything so I could go to bottom entrances if the top entrances don't work out for whatever reason.

So I cut 3/4" ply into covering boards, and used a hole saw to cut out an opening for a mason jar feeder, in case I need to feed:


But in the spirit of less is more, I routed entrance slots on the other side, similar to the ones that are working well on my long hives.


These slots are 3/8" high and about 9" long. Leaving aside the merits and demerits of top entrances, does anyone foresee any problems with these entrances, used under a migratory cover? I'll put a super above them if I have to feed.