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    Default Anyone else keep rabbits?

    Just curious if anyone else keeps bunnies?

    I got 2 bucks and 2 does currently with 16 young buns from three litters. First group will be ready to butcher in a couple weeks.

    Pretty easy to raise and rabbit is pretty dang yummy.

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    Default Re: Anyone else keep rabbits?

    We've got a buck and a doe. 3 failed litters during the winter. The doe just wouldn't take care of them.
    My wife wants to butcher, she used to do it all the time and tells me how delicious they are. She wants more.
    I take care of them, 20 chickens, a spoiled rotten dog, 12,000 bees so I don't want any more rabbits, unless she is going
    to build the hutch and take care of them.


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