Cataleptic - In your future re-queening efforts, at least in the area of mated queens, you might want to look into the Laidlaw queen introduction cage. See Contemporary Queen Rearing by Harry Hyde Laidlaw, available from U.C, Davis, Dadant and Sons, also from, or use the search box on Beesource to look for old threads regarding the Laidlaw cage.

If you really want some excellent Carniolan queens, try to get on Dr. Susan Cobey's waiting list for her New World Carniolans. These were back-crossed using I.I. to more closely approach the old Carniolan traits, taking about 10 years to "purify". Sue is quite alert to desired genetics, and has developed some superior stock.

She's changing servers and her old website is not up right now, but she will soon have up and running. She may also be able to direct you to others with her line. Best of luck.