I live in the northern parts of Ohio, where the Winters are harsh. Clearly my best bet is to start a Carniolan hive within the next week or two, right? Unfortunately the only seller in my area only has Italian bees, as they've sold out of Carnolians. I'm trying to start a Carnolian hive, not an Italian. Not that there's anything wrong with Italians, it's just that they aren't as hardy as Carniolan's in the Winter. My seller does however have a few Carniolan queens left. So I figure I could introduce a Carnolian queen to an Italian hive. What would be the outcome if I do? Could I create a hybrid of Carniolan/Italians for the winter? Is this worth it? Would I even notice a difference if I go this route? I'm a new beekeeper and any information would be helpful.
P.S. I don't have much time to decide, as the shipment of Italians is coming in within the next week or two.
P.S.S. I already checked the forums a bit and I couldn't find anything related to my predicament. If there is another thread related to this, just direct me there.