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    Default Ben Harden Method / Modified

    Decided to use the Ben Harden Method to rear queens. I run my hives with a 3 deep set up for broodnest. Can someone help me out with proper set up for this method? Should I just put queen in bottom 2 boxes add excluder and put grafts in top box with the dummies? Or some other arrangement? Need to make 3 batches of around 12 cells (20 cups) to get my winter nucs going. Thanks for any advise.


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    Default Re: Ben Harden Method / Modified

    I haven't done much research on this, but found this link which probably describes what you might be looking for ..

    good luck..

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    Default Re: Ben Harden Method / Modified

    I think the essence of the Ben Harden method is to use the blanks for the purpose of crowding the bees more. However if you are going to use a 3 brood box hive & just put blanks in one box, it may not have the intended effect.

    Really, the Ben Harden method is just a simplified version of the method used by many commercial queen breeders, but a few steps are removed, such as using really strong hives but instead cramming the bees by using blanks. What I think you should do, is in your 3 brood box hive, if you find all the brood combs can be crammed into 2 boxes, temporarily do that, then go ahead with the Ben Harden method. But if the hive is so strong you cannot do that, then go ahead as you suggested.

    My opinion only, and it's likely others will have good, or better, ideas. I've not seen the hive.
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